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QWERTY® can all be done in your head. You could use a notepad or the back of an envelope to jot down your ideas. However, if you have a complex project or design to do, you probably want to make more detailed notes. Organising your ideas and thinking of ways to deepen your thinking in a specific stage or area can give you a much better final result, too.  We have come up with some paper forms to help you do that, and more. 

The paper forms give you 

  • a clear reminder about what you need to think about at each stage

  • structure for what you have to think about

  • a way to organise your thoughts

  • a trace of what you've come up with so far, and thus an idea of what still needs to be done in order to achieve what you've set out to do

  • a reminder of the best Forget-Me-Nots to use at each stage in order to improve the end result

  • a way to collate all your ideas in one place, in a coherent fashion

  • a treasure trove of ideas to refer back to in future so you learn more effectively from what you've done

Document with Pen
"The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” 
Mark Twain

The Paper Forms Collection, available free in our Emporium, doesn't just give you blank copies of all the forms, but includes detailed notes about effective ways you could use them.

Paper forms collection.jpg

As you will refer to your Question many times, we've done a version of the Question form as an amendable Word document.  The instructions in each text box direct you to the sort of things you should be noting down at each stage. Just overwrite it with your own text.

To illustrate how you could put them into practice, we've done some worked examples of how we've used them at various stages in a particular project.  We chose 'Decorating a Bedroom' as the base Question.  You can read more about the project, and see images of the completed forms in our blog   'You gotta fill a form or two-oo'.

You'll also see the forms in action in some of our handouts, such as Writing Projects or those in the Design Projects category in the Emporium.


We are also in the process of devising something we call Templates, which help you adapt QWERTY® for particular types of project.  As well as having customised versions of the paper forms that give extra tips or guidelines relevant for that type of project, they may also have detailed support documents for using them, for those users who like a bit more hand-holding.  You can see some examples of customised forms in the blog and handouts mentioned above.  Subscribers can access the Template for Decorating on the Templates page, along with the relevant supporting documents.

In due course, the Templates will work seamlessly with the QWERTY® app we are developing.

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