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Got-A-Head®? has three main concepts that drive what we do.

1. Think Better, Do Better, Feel Better

2. Four linked domains, which we call MORT, and the synergy between them.

3. Developing the thoughtful thinker

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'Think Better, Do Better, Feel Better' is our mantra.  We encourage you to think more effectively using a wide range of tools, techniques and strategies, collectively called our Thinking Toolkit.  Our strategies act as mental scaffolding for you to build solutions to be proud of. Using high levels of personalisation in what you are doing will improve your commitment to the task at hand, as well as being of real benefit to your overall results.  Key for us, is that using our approach means you'll come away delighted with what you have achieved.


The Got-A-Head®? approach is based on four core domains: Memory, Observation, Reading effectively and Thinking. You can read more about each one, and some of the techniques associated with them, using the links or the drop-down menu for this section.

Vital though those domains are, for us it is the synergy between them that is key.  Although each domain has its own set of techniques or approaches, it won't be done in isolation from the others.


The four domains are often taught in silos, with thinking skills taught apart from memory skills, separate from accurate observation or how to read effectively.


However, these cognitive disciplines actually have a great deal of synergy and can be learnt and understood better when taught as parts of a whole.


Got-A-Head®? makes a point of using techniques and strategies that draw the domains together, using two, three or even all four at the same time.

Collectively, we refer to all those tools, techniques and strategies as our Thinking Toolkit.  


We encourage the thoughtful thinker - the positive cycle of evaluation, review and learning for the future means that the improvement continues well beyond the original task. We are building for life, not the short term.


Included in that approach is a strong thread of ethical consideration, binding what is good for the user of our techniques with what is good for the wider world.  We want to create thoughtful thinkers who consider deeply what they do.

"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential."
                Winston Churchill


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