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The Got-A-Head®? team has devised a wide range of tools, techniques and strategies to help everyone think more effectively. If you are thinking better, you’re likely to do better, whether that is in terms of your learning or your productivity. If you are more engaged in what you are doing, more effective and achieving more, you’ll probably feel better, too.

Collectively, we call these tools, techniques and strategies our Thinking Toolkit. It’s there to help you in four core domains: Memory, Observation, Reading Effectively and Thinking.


Anyone can use the Thinking Toolkit. The items in it are easy to understand, straightforward to learn and can be used from Day 1.  Although originally designed with the child in mind, they are anything but childish, and can be used with increasing sophistication to cope with any situation thrown at them.


We see our tools being used in three settings: education, commerce and the home. You can use them as an individual, whether in your personal life or at work (or school) or as part of a group, working together. We’ve used them for everything from primary school homework tasks to redecorating a bedroom.  We’ve used them extensively within our business, whether it be devising a new product or improving a business plan.

"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."
                                  Thomas Edison

They are very flexible, usable in a multiplicity of settings. However, to get the best from them, they require practice, particularly once you start using them in combination. Getting to grips with the wide range of tools and how best to combine them is like getting better at a sport;  you don't have to be a professional to enjoy it and the exercise improves your everyday life.


​We came up with our materials as a result of wide reading of cutting-edge research in cognitive development, memory, psychology and pedagogical matters. We have also been inspired by many writers and philosophers through the ages from the ancient Greeks to more modern ones such as Pólya and de Bono.  You can read more about the background to our materials here.


If you want to know more about who we are, then check out this page.


Our future plans, in addition to enhancing and elaborating the tools and techniques we have already devised, include releasing a suite of apps to support our techniques in order to better help the user, whether they be learners in an educational setting, or workers in a business one. The apps will also benefit parents and teachers in their quest to support children's learning, and can be used as effective business tools in a commercial environment. If you wish to know more, then go to our Apps page.

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