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We have big plans for our Thinking Toolkit.  We are developing software applications to support all the tools in our toolkit to make them easier to learn, more efficient to use and more accessible to all.

Starting off with QWERTY®, we are developing apps for phone, tablet and PC users that will allow them to rapidly deploy our tools to aid in education, work, or at home.

Most of human endeavour, though, takes place in teams.  We are looking to produce versions of our Thinking Toolkit applications that integrate into educational and commercial management systems.  These will include templates of common or reusable situations, together with reporting, analysis, and governance functions, as you would expect in enterprise software.

Clicking on a Tablet
“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” 

In the education sector, these will support classroom exposition and part- and whole-class teamwork.  It will allow teachers and those in leadership roles to better understand the knowledge and thinking of their students and so improve educational efficiency at class, subject, school, and educational authority levels.


In the commercial sector, we will integrate our tools into design and decision-making systems supporting more efficient teamwork, quality control and governance in all levels and all functions of an organisation.

Last, but not least, we are looking to use the best that social media can offer to foster communities of Got-A-Head®? users, to share great ideas and best practice.   As a business, we will support our customers to the best of our ability in their endeavours.  However, we appreciate we will never know as much about our users’ needs as our users do themselves.  We intend, therefore, to foster marketplaces for templates, customisation and support for our systems to encourage our users to share their knowledge and experience to the benefit of all.

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