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At Got-A-Head®?, we care passionately about helping learners of all ages 'Think Better, Do Better, Feel Better'.  We want to maximise their learning, making them more efficient, more creative and more confident in all that education has to offer them. 

We're pretty sure that you, as educators, want that, too.  We believe that our tools, techniques and strategies can help learners fulfil their potential and would love to share with you how they can be used to best effect in a school setting.

Our systems mesh harmoniously with current research.  Growth Mindset, for instance - our techniques such as REaLLY? and QWERTY® encourage regular use of evaluation and review, feeding back to their own learning to make tasks more efficient and effective in future.


Our Thinking Toolkit also stresses the importance of looking at things differently.  Instead of saying "I can't do this yet'', we get them to think "I can't do it this way - how else could I do it?" We give them the tools, techniques and strategies to enable them to do that.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela
Bloom's Taxonoy Symmetrical.jpg

The nature of the Thinking Toolkit contents also has the learner using skills higher up Bloom's Taxonomy rather than just demonstrating basic understanding.

Happier, more efficient learners make for a very positive environment in class, and better performance in assessments.  To see how Got-A-Head®? addresses the national framework used by OFSTED inspectors, check out this page.

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