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Got-A-Head®? Products and Refunds Policy                                                                                                                 Last updated 25th February 2021

1. Our Resources and Products

As a company that is passionate about helping children learn better, we provide many of our resources for free, for customers to download and use, and even share, as they wish. These include, but are not limited to, learning tools and techniques, flashcards and educational activities.


There is a small charge for our other resources, such as worked examples and case studies. This copyrighted material, which is designed to support the learner as they get used to working with our tools and techniques, is for the customer's personal use only, and should not be shared or circulated in any way.

Many of our resources come in two formats:

  • our highly-coloured 'livery' format, fully illustrated throughout, which is the 'default' version

  • a plainer version, where we change to a black Calibri font and use less illustration and tone down the colour of the remaining graphics.  The textual content of the document is identical to the coloured version

As well as the .pdf products, we are currently working on a QWERTY® app, which will be available on subscription terms.  We will add more details about this product in due course.

2. Delivery

Currently, all our products are delivered as .pdf documents.  They are sent electronically by Wix to the email provided as part of the purchase process.  This is the same for both free and paid-for products.

3. Refunds

As all our products are currently delivered in a digital format, it is not possible to offer refunds.  However, should you have any technical difficulties with your purchase, email us and we will send you a new copy. If you have any other problems with the material you have purchased from us, then please get in touch with us for a swift resolution.

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