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Creative Thoughts
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When you think better, you will do better.  You will be more engaged in what you do – more focused and more willing to put in that extra effort. Better work is likely to mean better grades or more positive reviews.  You’ll go beyond the first knee-jerk reaction to look at things in different ways, while drawing deeply from your own well of knowledge and memories, which will give you more individualised results rather than a carbon copy of what everyone else is doing.  You can be more creative and more adventurous, while still keeping a close eye on what exactly is required of you. You’ll be colouring within the lines, but with rainbow crayons.


How often have you been faced with a blank page and not known where to start?  Or, the opposite, have so many ideas bombarding you that picking just one seems impossible, so you don’t start.  Our Thinking Toolkit gives you a whole slew of tools, techniques and strategies to give you ideas where you had none, and scaffolding to support your endeavours until you have the building blocks just where you want them to be.  The Thinking Toolkit is a map to an unknown world, or coloured lenses to look at a known one differently.  It’s a magical mystery tour and an A-Z. Practical and Creative.  Above all, it’s a lingua franca, allowing you to communicate your thought processes more easily with others to make thinking and learning more effective.

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Knowing that so much of what you are doing is is based on your own ideas, memories, and observations provides valuable validation for you as an effective thinker, learner or doer.  You will feel more confident in the thinking process because you know you have a whole battery of tools, techniques and strategies you can rely on, no matter what is asked of you. You can take the stabilisers off your bike to freewheel confidently from task to task, learning and growing as you go.  The Thinking Toolkit helps you, whether you are working as an individual or part of a team, ensuring you can feel good about yourself in the knowledge you are making good choices in what you do.

At Got-A-Head®?, we believe that thinking and learning should be a positive experience.  Not a grind or a chore, but something in which to take both pleasure and pride. We want you, however old you may be, to have tools, techniques and strategies to think more effectively.  By doing so, you will go further, quicker, and achieve more. Knowing you have tools you can rely on, and using them to good effect, means you will feel better about yourself and the way you think.

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
                                                   Albert Einstein
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