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Multi-player Use

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Although the Got-A-Head®? system will be designed from the outset to allow multi-player use, its designers view it primarily as a single-player game. The game is there to teach the curriculum and that is easiest accomplished if the game can create an environment tuned to the wants and needs of a single learner, where the learner can proceed at their own pace and is in command of their own destiny.

However, we want the game to be fun, and used in a family situation, so inevitably, brothers, sisters and best friends may want to take part in an adventure. We will allow this if a license has been purchased for a child and they have played the game on their own to an extent, and the parents give permission to take part in a multiplayer game.

Children looking at a tablet in a classroom

There may well be a development of a school platform, in future, which might make use of a multi-player system within the classroom.

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