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For the Learner, it's all about the game.  We want to provide a set of game worlds through which the Learner can have exciting adventures and overcome challenges in order to learn and practise elements from the curriculum. 


The game system hosts a set of adventure games that the Learner plays.  As part of the gameplay, the Learner must overcome challenges that allow him/her to practise their understanding of the curriculum.


The game system has the following features.

  1. The games are fabulous adventures designed to be compulsive entertainment to keep the Learner learning.

  2. The adventures are set in ‘game worlds’ that provide a back story of important information that is shared between games.  This gives Learners an environment to learn about, so they have a reason to practise their skills.

  3. The game system is set up so that the Learner is part of a team. The other members of the team are computer-generated, and are there to help the Learners on their quest, suggest new things to learn and support them as they work their way through the game’s challenges.

  4. The game and the curriculum go hand in hand to determine what the Learner should study or practise.  Based on this, the game will embed challenges involving new material, strategies or techniques, or allow the children to practise things they have already learnt.

  5. The game is adaptive.  It selects the situations that the learner experiences to try and maximise their self-belief, enjoyment and their likelihood of returning to the game on a regular basis.


At this stage, the game is a single-player environment but there may come a time when multi-player use is possible.

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"Play is the highest form of research.” 
Albert Einstein
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