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Scientist Forget-Me-Nots help you understand what things are, and how you can use that knowledge to make you more inventive.  They are also about examining reality, seeing how things fit together, examining their properties, and understanding relationships.


There are four Scientist Forget-Me-Nots: Hamburger, Key Feature, Essence and Common Currency. This document gives you detailed information about all four of them, as well as explaining how and why to use them.


Forget-Me-Nots can be used on their own or in combination.  They are very useful in association with the QWERTY® staged thinking technique. 


This is the plain version where we use black Calibri font and toned-down graphics.


13 pages

Scientist Forget-Me-Nots (plain)

SKU: 40001001000200601
  • This document comes in a .pdf format.

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