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A guide to the PAPER REAM strategy to help you read more effectively. 


When you need to deepen or widen subject knowledge, it is designed to make your reading more efficient, and helps develop your understanding in such a way that you can transfer it more easily into your memory.


It is aimed at anyone who needs to develop wider understanding of a topic through reading, from secondary school level upwards.  Obviously, those in further and higher education, or people who have to widen their knowledge and understanding in a business context, will find it particularly useful. 


It explains each element of the acronym and how to go about implementing them.  You'll also find examples of how this powerful strategy can be used in combination with other items from the Thinking Toolkit such as QWERTY® and the Forget-Me-Nots.


This is the full-colour version.


23 pages


SKU: 30005001000100201
  • This document comes in a .pdf format.

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