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While the game’s purpose is to practise skills they have learnt, someone has to teach the Learner these skills in the first place. The group of characters who do that are collectively known as the Illuminati. 


The Illuminati each live in their own separate game universe separate to the game.   When the curriculum system decides the Learner is ready to learn something new, the game will set up a situation and challenge to exercise the use, and then hint (strongly) that they should seek the advice of an Illuminatus before proceeding.  The Learner will be transported into the appropriate Illuminatus’s universe to receive their lesson and once this is complete, they will be transported back into their current adventure game.

Some of the Illuminati will be real historical figures, others will be characters from literature, mythology or imagination.

We want the Learner to understand that everyone has something to teach them, wherever they may come from.

Self Portrait as the Apostle Paul
"It's a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” 
Albert Einstein
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