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Already, AI is big news.  In the near future, the repetitive jobs will all be done by AI, the most expensive first (as that is where the value is).  "Watch out dermatologists and lawyers!" warns Sebastian Thrun, CEO of Udacity AI in a 


What AI cannot do is be creative or think outside the box.  It will require people to direct these AIs to think in various ways and force them to think outside the box their original designers put them in.  This means that we will need to think more, remember more and understand context more. We will all need more thinking skills.

Modern advances have enabled us to do so much more than we could before, but there is often a price to pay.  For instance, our reliance on cars is making people fatter and more unfit; we have to make a conscious effort to exercise. 


We believe that letting AIs do the thinking for us will have a similar impact on our brains.  In the future, there could be more Alzheimer's not less.  It's vital that we use our brains as much as possible, that we think and remember as much as we can to keep our brains fit and healthy.  Having these skills highly-tuned early will be crucial to good cognitive health.

"In the end, I expect we'll have AI that is better than we are at nearly every narrow task but which are still our tools, not our masters."
Ramez Naam
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