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The Got-A-Head®? Family Zone is designed to support the Learner in taking the skills they have learned in the game and transferring them to the outside world of family and school.  The Family Zone has the following functions.


  1. Through the dashboard, email or their social media of choice, it will keep parents abreast of their child’s progress and to help them get the most out of Got-A-Head®? for their child.

  2. It will have a community hub to help foster communities of enthusiastic parents who want to get the most out of the system for their kids. 

  3. It is a resource centre for tips, ideas and games to help the Learner practise the skills in the outside world.  These may vary from ideas for family outings, activities, and games to simply improving family life, where the Learner can practise and show off their new memory and learning skills.  Improving the child’s confidence and belief in their abilities is one of our major goals for the system, as is reducing the stresses, and improving the fun, of family life.

  4. Finally, and most importantly, it is a vector to apply the skills the child has learned into their school work, and, in particular, their exam courses from the age of 14+.  As the system will know what the child’s learning strengths and weaknesses are through the gameplay, we can individually tailor course study strategies and aids for each individual child.  Improving the child’s ability to learn and understand, so improving their exam performance, is a major goal of the system.


Happy Family in Nature
"It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.” 
Wilbur Wright
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