Put on the television, open a newspaper, browse the internet.  Whichever your medium of choice, you'll be bombarded with pieces about today's educational system - usually what's wrong with it! It seems that exams come in a plethora of acronyms: SATs, GCSEs, NVQs. Nobody can agree on the best system, the best methods, or the best way to test, which puts enormous pressures on our youngsters.


At Got-A-Head®?, we remain convinced, however, that if children are taught to learn more efficiently (by thinking more clearly or more creatively, by observing and memorising proficiently and reading effectively) then they will be able to cope better with whatever the school system throws at them.  They will maximise their learning, which can't help but benefit their eventual performance in exams.


Our techniques should help them outside of school, too, as they become better at observing what is happening in the world around them and thinking about what it means. The skills they learn with Got-A-Head®? will help to improve their daily life and make for happier families.


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela