I have a mixed portfolio when it comes to skills, talents and experience. 


I'm a highly-qualified teacher, so I have a pretty good idea about how to pass on knowledge while making it a fun experience.


As a writer and poet, using words effectively and making them count has been my stock-in-trade. 


In the past, I've combined those skills to work as an educational scriptwriter and I will be using what I learned then to enhance the Got-A-Head®? project.


As a writer-in-residence for a disability charity and President of Ayr Writers' Club, I designed interesting programmes of study, then booked speakers or devised my own material to bring them to life.


For over 10 years, I was Scottish Officer for British Mensa.  Although this was a voluntary role, it did give me plenty of man-, project- and event management skills that will add breadth and depth to Got-A-Head®? There's nothing quite like putting together a four-day conference for 100+ people on an island over 500 miles away to hone your thinking skills and creativity!