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Help us beta test QWERTY®

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You'll have seen elsewhere on the site that QWERTY® is a staged thinking technique.


We are looking for people to help beta test the technique so that we can fine-tune it, if necessary, and collect independent case studies of how and where it can be used to best advantage.


If you have ready access to PowerPoint, you can watch this presentation about what we're looking for, and how it can help you (and/or your child) (approx 10 mins). If not (e.g. those wishing to access the information via their phones), you can watch a video of it (although, sadly, the direct links won't work).  Alternatively, read the key points here

If you're interested in being a beta tester, or want to find out more, then please sign up using the form below and we'll be in touch.

If you have signed up as a beta tester (or want to just have a go at using the QWERTY® method yourself, but are happy to let us know how you got on), then here's a feedback form you can use to make the process easier.  Thank you!


Thanks for your interest in our beta testing.    We'll be in touch very soon.

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